Evaluation Mädchentreff Blumenau

Evaluation Mädchentreff Blumenau

Client: Stadtjugendamt / Landeshauptstadt München (2016) | Area: Soziale Arbeit & Soziale Risiken, Evaluationen & Begleitforschung

Mandate and starting point of the evaluation

The evaluation of the pilot project Mädchentreff* Blumenau aimed to analyse the implementation of the concept in the context of the open child and youth work (OKJA) and the needs of girls and young women in the social environment Blumenau.


  • Implementation of focus groups with girls and young women of the social environment
  • Implementation of a group interview with professionals from the social environment
  • Content analysis of the interviews based on the predefined goals and criteria

Responsible| Dr. Marion Müller, Dipl.-Soz. Lisa Donath, Prof. Dr. Patricia Pfeil