Social Structure Analysis of the City of Giengen

Social Structure Analysis of the City of Giengen

Client: Landratsamt Heidenheim (RDO)  (2002) | Area: Social Work & Social Risks

Subject of the study |

Assessment and analysis of:

  • Socio-demographic data
  • Data on offers of child and youth welfare services
  • Developments from the police criminal statistics and
  • Information on drug issues in two school districts in the city Giengen.

Target of the contracting institution |

Reliable data base for the assessment of the current situation of children and youth in the city of Giengen for the purpose of a future assessment of demand, methods of further data collection and analysis:

  • Semi-standardised quantitative and non-standardised methods of data collection
  • Statistical analysis with SPSS
  • Qualitative content analysis of documents, interviews and observation protocolls

Results |

The results have been summarized into a report.

Responsible | Dipl.-Soz. Sylvia Lustig (project management) und Dipl.-Soz. Tanja Schmidt