Sebastian Kleele, M.A.

Sebastian Kleele, M.A.



More information:

Project assistance:

  • Strengthening public health by understanding the epidemiology of rodent-borne diseases (RoBoPub)
  • Accompanying scientific evaluation of the pilot project Phönix
  • Graffolution – Awareness and prevention solutions among graffiti vandalism in public areas and transport
  • Alternative possibilities of care for adults with mental disorders and the need for protecting help in Upper Bavaria, in terms of networking in the local community

Main focus:

  • Visual Sociology, Cultur Sociology and Sociology of Knowledge
  • Analysis of Lifeworld and Social Structure, Theories of Modernity
  • Methods of Qualitative Research

Professional career:

Studies of Sociology and Political Science at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Research assistance at the Institut für Medienforschung und Urbanisitik (IMU) Munich, in two projects: „Sozialraumanalyse Westend“ and „Seniorenpolitisches Handlungskonzept Taufkirchen“.

Since May 2014, research assistance at sine institute in various projects.

Lectureship at the University of Applied Sciences Munich in the two study programmes Social Work and Management of Social Innovation and at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg in the study programme Sociology,

Currently working on the thesis “Graffiti. Multidimensional analysis of a social phenomenon” at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg.


Kleele, S. (2018): Graffiti. Ästhetischer Widerstand oder Widerstand gegen das Ästhetische?, in: Bosch, A. / Pfütze, H. (Hrsg.): Ästhetischer Widerstand gegen Zerstörung und Selbstzerstörung, Springer VS, Wiesbaden, S. 393-409.

Kleele, S., Müller, M. & Dressel, K. (2016): Graffiti in München – zwischen Förderung und Strafverfolgung, in: Standpunkte, Online Magazin des Münchner Forum e.V., 10.2016, S. 26-28.