Qualitative Research

At SINE, we are convinced of the analytical potential and the broad application possibilities of qualitative social research. Since SINE was founded in 1999, qualitative methods are part of our portfolio. Only qualitative methods provide the option to ask for motives, backgrounds and to find out “why” people act the way they do, what they think and what are their rationales behind. In-depth interviews, for example with experts or stakeholders, allow to focus on particular crucial questions and contexts and to ask for relationships. Biographical interviews enable us to ask for decisive moments in everyday life and causative factors for certain developments in the interviewee´s life. Focus group research, on the other hand, use interactive moments to acquire important findings from the discussion.

Several central issues require a method mix to validate qualitative data by quantitative findings – SINE is experienced in matching methods of qualitative research with quantitative tools to produce the most relevant data for your particular question.

We also train you in dealing with qualitative methods.