SINE will conduct trainings and workshops for you concerning qualitative methods. We will develop target specific training concepts for your needs in regard to content, target group and time frame.

Due to our long-standing and comprehensive teaching experience at various universities and universities of applied science as well as extramural further trainings, SINE staff has didactical competence for training your target group in an appropriate and sustainable way.

Our training scope encompass basis introduction concerning particular fields of social research, but also include specific methodological knowledge, for example on evaluation or the usage of computer-based data analysis programmes for social science. Previous trainings focused on the development of interview guidelines for in-depth inteviews with experts, the development of questionnaires, the facilitation of focus group discussions or the analysis and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data. We are committed to a practical approach.

Please contact us for an individual and custom-fit training that matches your ideas about content, training location, group size and time frame.