Cross-Generational Living

Cross-Generational Living

Client: Construction Company ‘Neue Wege e.G.’ (Augsburg) (1999) | Area: Social Work & Social Risks, Evaluation & Accompanying Research

The residential project “Neue Wege e.G.” is one of twelve projects of the state funding programme “Offensive Zukunft Bayern” (“active future Bavaria”). The cooperative living project situated in the Augsburg district Prinz-Karl-Viertel is not only characterized by an innovative, community-promoting and flexible architecture but also by its specific targets regarding eco-friendly and cost-efficient construction.

Target of the contracting institution |

The contracting institution’s target was, on the one hand, to illustrate the key objectives (main idea) of the residential project via a kind of brochure. This should be adequate for use in public relations and for winning further participants.

Furthermore, a concept for the accompanying research should be created in order to monitor – after the aquisition of respective financial means –  the development process of the project in its different project stages. In this context, the contracting institution was led by two key motivations: (1) Increasing transparency (specific use of scientific monitoring as a chance to promote the project) and (2) generation of knowledge for solving potential conflicts during the development of the project.

sine mandate |

  • Structuring of existing material concerning the development and objects of the project
  • Creation of a brochure about the project and its main objects (“project philosophy”)
  • Accompanying research: creation of a concept
  • Presentation of results at the management board of the Baugenossenschaft Neue Wege e.G.

Methods of data collection and analysis |

  • Document analysis
  • Interviews with initiators and future residents
  • Literatur research

Responsible | Dr. Kerstin Dressel, Dipl.-Soz. Sylvia Lustig, Dipl.-Soz. Astrid Manstetten, Dr. Patricia Pfeil