Climate for Change: Gender Equality & Climate Policy in the City of Munich

Climate for Change: Gender Equality & Climate Policy in the City of Munich

Client: City of Munich (2004-2005) | Area: Organizations & Humans

Main Interest |

On behalf of the city of Munich, SINE conducted a study on the situation of women working in fields related to climate change. The city of Munich, represented by the department for health and environment, participated as one of 13 project partners in the EU-project “Climate for Change: Gender Equality & Climate Policy”, which was coordinated by the Klima-Bündnis/Alianza del Clima e.V.. Other participating municipalities were (among others) Lahti (Finland), Malmö (Sweden), Naples, Venice, Genova (Italy), Berlin, Dresden and Frankfurt a.M. (Germany). The project was designed to contribute to a balanced participation of women and men on decisions in climate change related policy areas – especially in the field of municipal climate protection.


SINE-Mandate |

Tasks managed by SINE included:

  • Evaluation of the situation regarding personnel data in relevant fields
  • Conducting and analysis of interviews with experts from fields related to climate protection in the city of Munich
  • Inclusion of the municipal gender equality politics
  • Identification of best practices
  • Creation of a report with recommendations for action


Methods |

  • Quantitative analysis
  • Qualitative interviews based on a given guideline
  • Content analysis
  • Analysis of public documents about organisations and gender equality


Results |

The results are documented in a full version report as well as a short report in German and English. These can be accessed online via the project website of the project coordinator:

For further information please contact: Prof. Dr. Patricia Pfeil


Responsible | Prof. Dr. Patricia Pfeil, Dr. Kerstin Dressel, Dipl.-Soz. Lisa Donath