Evalution of the Project “Betreuungsweisung Plus”

Evalution of the Project “Betreuungsweisung Plus”

Client: Katholische Jugendfürsorge der Erzdiözese München und Freising e.V. (2012) | Area: Social Work & Social Risks, Evaluation & Accompanying Research

SINE-Mandate |

The service care instruction Plus has been developed in cooperation of the Katholische Jugendfürsorge München and Lotse – Kinder + Jugendhilfe – e.V. It is an intensified form of care in the context of care instructions according to § 10 Abs. 1 Nr. 5 JGG. Care instruction Plus focuses especially on those youths and adolescents who attract attention due to multitude of offences in a short time. Care instruction Plus pursues the same goals as normal care instruction but has an increased and more flexible budgetary of time for youths and young adolescents, in order to cope with the more and more complex situation of the cases.

The evaluation is based on the question if and how the increased amount of time provided by care instruction Plus, has an impact on the quality of the work. There can´t be a one-dimensional answer to this question, as the clientele addressed by care instruction Plus differs from the “normal” clientele of care instructions.

Students from University of Applied Sciences Munich have been involved in the whole process of evaluation; therefore the evaluation also was a form of training research project.


Methods |

  • Development and definition of goals and indicators for the evaluation, in cooperation with the contracting authority
  • Implementation of single qualitative guided interviews with clients
  • Group discussions with instructors
  • Analysis of available documents
  • Content analysis of the interviews and group discussions


Results |

Presentation of the results Evaluation Betreuungsweisung + in the context of the ‘Fachtag’ on January 31th 2013 at the Katholische Jugendfürsorge

Zeit für die letzte Chance – SZ-Article from 4.2.2013

Lecture: “Zeit als Faktor in der Sozialen Arbeit am Beispiel der Betreuungsweisung Plus” in the context of the ‘Fachtag für Soziale Arbeit ‘ at the University of Applied Sciences Munich on June 7th 2013

Poster Presentation “Der Spagat zwischen komplexen Anforderungsstrukturen und komplexen Rahmenbedingungen: die Evaluation einer sozialpädagogischen Maßnahme mit straffälligen Jugendlichen (Betreuungsweisung +)” at the annual conference of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Evaluation (DeGEval) (11.-13.9.2013 in Munich)


Responsible | Dr. Marion Müller, Prof. Dr. Patricia Pfeil