Stakeholders in Risk Communication (STARC)

Stakeholders in Risk Communication (STARC)

Client: European Commission (2005-2006) | Area: Security Research

SINE-Mandate |

As a partner in the context of the Coordinating Action (CA) Stakeholder in Risk Communication (STARC), SINE created an overview on methodical and theoretic approaches in the field of risk communication. Based on theoretic insights, expert interviews have been conducted in four countries (France, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland). For that purpose, interviewees from the fields of risk management, risk assessment and risk communication have been questioned about their experiences with risk communication in three risk-related topic-areas (chemical waste, genetically modified food and feedstuff, and nuclear energy). The interviewees were selected from authorities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and industry. EdF (France) was responsible for the project coordination. Project partners of SINE were INERIS (France), the EU-Joint Research Centre (JRC Ispra), Trilateral Research (UK) as well as the International Risk Governance Council (Switzerland). Additional empirical results have been generated via a written questionnaire distributed in (then) all 25 EU member states as well as in several other countries (USA, Canada, Japan). Recommendations on best practices of risk communications were identified and forwarded to the European Commission. The study’s target was to present opportunities for a “more dynamic risk governance culture”.

Tasks managed by SINE included:

  • Theoretic analysis of the dimensions of risk communication
  • Conducting and analyzing expert interviews with stakeholders in risk communication and other selected fields
  • Identification of strategies and best practices of risk communication
  • Organization of and participation in an EU-workshop on risk communication
  • Presentation of results in form of 5 reports (in English)


Methods |

  • Guideline-based expert interviews
  • Content analysis
  • Comprehensive presentation of theoretic and practical approaches for risk communication


Ergebnisse |

The results as well as various project reports can be obtained via the website of the STARC project.

For further information please contact: Dr. Kerstin Dressel


Responsible | Dr. Kerstin Dressel (project management), Marc Scheloske M.A., Dr. Marion Müller