Client: SchlaU-Werkstatt für Migrationspädagogik | Area: Evaluation & Accompanying Research

Realization: SINE e.V.

Main interest |

The work of the SchlaU Workshop for Migration Education focuses on the development of educational programs to support and accompany educational institutions, municipalities and volunteers with regard to anti-discriminatory, diversity-oriented and inclusive educational work. These educational programs also include the project “Competence training for new immigrants for successful vocational orientation in the classroom”, which is co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and focuses on the development of a modular series of materials specifically designed to train methodological and linguistic-communicative skills while simultaneously training social and personal skills in the classroom. The aim of the project is to enable teachers to prepare pupils for the transition to the world of work in an interdisciplinary way.


SINE-Mandate |

Based on the objectives and criteria developed in cooperation with the client and the evaluation concept drawn up in consultation, the materials used in the cooperation training are evaluated with regard to the target groups of teachers/social workers and pupils.


Data collection and evaluation methods |

– Conducting short reflections with pupils

– Standardized survey of teachers / social workers

– Conducting focus groups with teachers / social workers

– Conducting interviews with experts

– Descriptive analysis of the standardized survey and short reflections; content-analytical evaluation of the focus groups and expert interviews


Responsible | Prof. Dr. Marion Müller (Project leader), Dr. Wiebke Schär, Anne Götz M.A., Prof. Dr. Patricia Pfeil


Please find the evaluation Report hier

  • Date 11. March 2024
  • Tags Evaluation and Accompanying Research, Social Work & Social Risks