European Food Safety Regulation under Review. An Institutional Analysis – Germany

European Food Safety Regulation under Review. An Institutional Analysis – Germany

Client: DIALOGIK gGmbH Stuttgart, EU (2004-2005) | Area: Health Research

SINE-Mandate |

In the context of the Integrated Project (IP) “Promoting Food Safety through a New Integrated Risk Analysis Approach for Foods” (SAFE FOODS) SINE conducted an analysis of German institutions responsible for food safety. On the basis of four cases – Campylobacter, pesticide residuals in food, genetically modified food and aflatoxin – legal frameworks, political targets and regulating structures were examined. With the help of expert interviews with risk managers and risk assessors in relevant institutions (i.e. Ministry for Consumer Protection, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) etc.) but also with concerned stakeholder groups (i.e. German Farmer’s Association, consumer protection associations, NGOs etc.) the current situation and potential improvements in regard to the structures and regulations were analyzed. The study conducted by SINE was contrasted with results from France, Hungary, Sweden and the UK.

Tasks of SINE included:

  • Evaluation of the current situation of institutions concerned with food safety in Germany
  • Conducting and analysing interviews with food safety experts from authorities and stakeholder groups
  • Identification of causes and dynamics of certain processes in the field of food safety
  • Pointing out proposals for improvements of the current system of regulations
  • Presentation of results in the form of a report (in English)


Methods |

  • Guideline-based expert interviews
  • Content analysis


Results |

The results can be obtained via the website of the SAFE FOOD project: In addition to this, the following monograph was published:

Dressel, Kerstin; Böschen, Stefan; Schneider, Michael; Viehver, Willy, Wastian, Monika (2007): Food Safety Regulation in Germany, in: Voss, Ellen; Wendler, Frank (Hrsg.): Food Safety Regulation in Europe: A Comparative Institutional Analysis. Antwerpen, Oxford, New York: Intersentia Publishing, pp 287-330.

For further information please contact: Dr. Kerstin Dressel.


Responsible | Dr. Kerstin Dressel, in cooperation with Dr. Stefan Böschen, PD Dr. Michael Schneider, Dipl.-Psych. Monika Wastian, Dr. Willi Viehöver