Local Health

Local Health

Client: Stadt München, Referat für Gesundheit und Umwelt (2018-2021) | Area: Health Research, Evaluation & Accompanying Research

Main Interest |

The project “Local Health” intends to improve the quality of living in Munich by evaluating the resources of health promotion and identifying specific needs for action in four selected districts (Moosach, Trudering-Riem, Ramersdorf-Perlach and Feldmoching-Hasenbergl). Following, appropriate measures of health promotion will be conceptualised and implemented.

The intention is a local form of health promotion and prevention that is oriented towards the respective needs in the field. Main focuses are the aspects ‘exercise’ and ‘nutrition’ as well as low-threshold offers and accessibility to these fields. Both of them are supposed to be integrated in the environment and everyday life of the involved and affected citizens. Thereby, such health measures should be identified and implemented, that fit into the districts´ structure and the lifeworld of the citizens.


SINE-Mandate |

SINE is responsible for the scientific supervision and the evaluation of the project. This contains the following four modules:

Module A: State of the art and needs assessment

A sophisticated research and description of the social, spatial and health structure of the respective districts will be implemented.

Data collection and analysis:

  • Secondary analysis of quantitative data
  • Group discussions with experts and stakeholders
  • Participative workshops
  • Content analysis of the discussions and workshops.

Module B: Process supervision

SINE counsels and supports the planning, coordination and implementation of measures in the context of lifeworld health promotion and their sustainable establishment within the districts.

Module C: Evaluation

The evaluation contains an accompanying evaluation that focuses on the implementation of the project and the respective measures, as well as a final evaluation of the whole project.

Data collection and analysis in the accompanying evaluation:

  • Group discussions with relevant stakeholders
  • Focus groups with relevant target and requirement groups
  • Content analysis of the group discussions and the focus groups

Data collection and analysis in the final evaluation:

  • Participative synthesis workshops in all four districts
  • Content analysis of the workshops

Module D: Documentation and Reporting

The reporting contains two interim reports including results of the needs assessment and action planning as well as first results of the evaluation. The final report gives a broad summary of the single working steps and the achieved results.


Responsible | Dr. Marion Müller (Projektleitung), Dr. Wiebke Schär