‚School for All‘

‚School for All‘

Client: Stadt München, Sozialreferat, Stelle für interkulturelle Arbeit | Area: Organization & Humans, Evaluation and Accompanying Research

Main Interest |

The EU project “School for All” was developed from the project “Mercator – Special Education” and will be funded until mid-2018 by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. It pursues the goal of structural changes in the field of school, which can positively and actively deal with diversity and diversity in schools and thus meet the requirements of student heterogeneity. The project is directed at both students of the teaching and social work as well as actors from Munich schools.


SINE-Mandate |

In an evaluation, the measures for professionalisation and self-efficacy as well as the supporting measures for the participating students and education actors are examined with regard to their effects.


Methods |

  • Development of targets and criteria/indicators, in coordination with the contact partner
  • Dokument analysis
  • Implementation of group discussions with students of teaching, students of social work and stakeholders of the school sector
  • Content analysis of the group discussions


Responsible | Dr. Marion Müller (project management), Dr. Wiebke Schär, Juliane Simon