Youth Survey 2019 – KJR München-Land

Youth Survey 2019 – KJR München-Land

Client: Kreisjugendring München – Land (2019) | Area: Social Work & Social Risks, Organization & Humans

Main Interest |

Implementation of an online survey for children an youths in the rural district of Munich by the Kreisjugendring München-Land (KJR ML). Main challenge is, the participation of children and youth during the whole process of the survey – from planning over the implementation till translating the results. Main focus of the online survey is:

  • What do youths require?
  • Knowing, what makes youths tick?
  • What are the youths´ wishes for the future?

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SINE-Mandate |

  • Designing an online survey, taking into account the results of workshops with children and youths.
  • Analysis of the online survey.
  • Writing a final report.

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Responsible | Prof. Dr. Marion Müller, Prof. Dr. Patricia Pfeil, Andreas Rottach