Representative population survey on antibiotics and antibiotic resistance

Representative population survey on antibiotics and antibiotic resistance

Client: Federal Institut for Risk Assessment  (BfR) (2014-2016) | Area: Health Research

Main Interest |

On behalf of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), the Süddeutsches Institut für empirische Sozialforschung (sine e.V.) and the market research institute Hopp & Partner, Berlin, are conducting a representative study on: “Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance: Knowledge, attitudes and practices of the population and relevant target and professional groups – state of affairs analysis, qualitative preliminary study and representative survey”. The task is to record the risk perception and handling of antibiotics in the population and professional groups such as veterinarians, farmers and doctors.

SINE Mandate |

The tasks of sine are:
1. to conduct a state of the art analysis in the form of a systematic literature study focusing on knowledge, practices and attitudes of the population towards antibiotics and the associated resistance. The study will include all German and English-language literature on the topic worldwide.
2. qualitative preliminary study with veterinarians, physicians, farmers and the general population with the aim of recording usage practices, attitudes and problem awareness as well as potential causes of conflict.
3. representative Germany-wide population survey on knowledge, attitudes, practices and media use of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance (carried out by Hopp & Partner, Berlin) – evaluation: Sine
4. formulation of recommendations from the results for target group-specific risk communication.
5. preparation of a final report with results from all studies
Survey and evaluation methods:

A mix of methods will be used:
– International literature study
– Focus group discussion
– Representative population survey using CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)
– Content analysis
– Multivariate evaluation

Results |

The results are published by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.
For further information: Dr. Kerstin Dressel

Responsible | Dr. Kerstin Dressel (project leader), PD Dr. Stefan Böschen, PD Dr. Michael Schneider, Dipl.-Psych. Monika Wastian, PD Dr. Willy Viehöver