Crisis Communication on the Covid-19 pandemic

Crisis Communication on the Covid-19 pandemic

Client: Federal Office for Radiation Protection (2020-2021) | Area: Security Research

Main Interest |

The project to be evaluated, “A Comparative Evaluation of the Online Crisis Communication of Authorities and Independent Experts in the Course of the Covid-19 Pandemic as a Basis for Improving BfS Crisis Communication (Lot 2)” (FKZ 3620S72216), aims to compare the online crisis communication of authorities with the communication of independent experts and to transfer the findings to online crisis communication in radiation protection. Methodologically, the project will be conducted by means of social network analysis and quantitative text analysis. In terms of content, the focus is on analyzing the way Twitter content is disseminated in a comparison of the two groups under investigation (authorities/organizations and independent experts such as scientists or science journalists).

SINE-Mandate |

SINE is responsible for conducting social network analysis of Twitter data from 40 Twitter accounts and assisting the C3 team with research and analysis of literature and relevant documents.

For more information: Dr. Kerstin Dressel

Methods |

  • Literature research on the state of research and methodology
  • Twitter survey and analysis of 40 Twitter accounts: quantitative content analysis, quantitative text analysis, sentiment analysis and social network analysis using GEPHI

Responsible | Dr. Kerstin Dressel (Projektleitung), Dr. Wiebke Schär, Sebastian Kleele M.A., Anne Götz




  • Date 10. February 2021
  • Tags Health Research, Security Research