Survey of Practitioners in Kulmbach

Survey of Practitioners in Kulmbach

Client: Landratsamt Kulmbach | Area: Health Research

Main Interest |

Main focus of the programme “GesundheitsregionenPlus” (Health Regions Plus), initiated by the Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care (StMGP), is to improve medical care and prevention by implementing regional networks. Since the 2nd oft July 2018, the district of Kulmbach is part of the Health Regions Plus. One central pitch to ensure health care are general practitioners. To develop and implement appropriate measures, local practitioners in the district of Kulmbach are involved actively in the planning process. Therefore, an online survey addressing the 92 local practitioners will be developed. Its results will then be used as an information basis for the further planning process.


SINE-Mandate |

SINE is responsible for the implementation of the online survey. This includes the contentual development of the questionnaire as well as the analysis and interpretation of the results and their summary in a report and a presentation for client. All steps of the research process are coordinated with the client.

For further information: Dr. Kerstin Dressel


Methods |

  • The questionnaire is developed in coordination with the client and in consideration of latest insights.
  • The online survey is programmed with an appropriate tool and pretested.
  • The gathered data is statistically treated before conducting the content analysis by considering the underlying research questions.


Responsible | Dr. Kerstin Dressel (Project Manager), Dr. Wiebke Schär, Sebastian Kleele M.A.