Munich – Healthy on Site

Munich – Healthy on Site

Client: Department of Health and the Environment / City of Munich (2018-2020) | Area: Health Research, Evaluation & Accompanying Research

Realization: SINE e.V.

Main interest |

The “München – gesund vor Ort” project aims to improve people’s quality of life by evaluating existing health promotion resources and identifying specific needs for action in four selected urban areas (Moosach, Trudering-Riem, Ramersdorf-Perlach and Feldmoching-Hasenbergl) in order to then design and implement appropriate health-promoting measures.

The aim is to achieve a form of health promotion and prevention that is local and geared to the respective needs in practice. The focus here is on the components ‘exercise’ and ‘nutrition’ and on low-threshold offers and access options to these fields; the two fields are to be integrated into the everyday life and living environment of participating and affected citizens. The aim is to identify and design health measures that are sustainably embedded in the structure of the urban districts and in the living environment of citizens. The promotion of sustainable healthcare will then become highly relevant to society, not least in view of demographic change.

The scientific support of the project includes the summary and analysis of existing data with regard to an inventory and needs assessment of health-promoting measures in the respective city districts as well as process control in the sense of on-site support and advice


Data collection and analysis / Methods |

  • Needs and inventory survey (secondary evaluation of quantitative data)
  • Group discussions with experts and stakeholders
  • Creation of information maps
  • Implementation of focus groups
  • Content-analytical evaluation of the surveys based on the specified objectives and criteria
  • Process support


Responsible | Prof. Dr. Marion Müller, Dr. Kerstin Dressel, Dr. Wiebke Schär, Dr. Anna Cardenas

  • Date 12. March 2020
  • Tags Evaluation and Accompanying Research, Health Research